Назад к списку

Contract: Rapeseed Oil - March 2022 - 6.500 MT

Russian Joint-Stock Company "Agricultural Export Corporation" production and export of rapeseed oil from Russia to ports of Europe on DAP & CIF terms. 

The production of technical rapeseed oil for export from Russia will amount to 6,500 tons. 

We conclude SPOT-Contracts from a minimum of 300 tons. 

We also work on LC of payment. 

Indicators of rapeseed oil


- moisture: 0,1% max 

- acid number: 0,9 max 

- phosphorus: 450 - 680 ppm 

Russian standard = NON GMO and non additives. 

Packaging: in bulk 

Prices of rapeseed oil in bulk on terms CIF ports of Europe = € by inquiry / MT

Rapeseed oil on terms DAP Europe = € by inquiry / MT

Payment terms: LC at sight, covered. 

The offer is valid until March 01, 2022.