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Flaxseeds / linseeds FOB Russia in August 2021

JSC Agricultural Export Corporation production & sales of flax seeds / linseeds for food for export on FOB ports of Novorossiysk Russia terms in August 2021. 

   Indicators of flax seeds / linseeds (for food)

- color: brown / golden 

- moisture: 8% max 

- impurity: 1% max 


Packaging: only in bags 

Production output: 10.500 tons

Prices of flax seeds / linseeds (color: brown) on FOB Novorossiysk Russia = $ by inquiry / MT 

Prices of linseeds / flax seeds (color: golden) in bags on FOB Novorossiysk Russia = $ by inquiry / MT 

Minimum order: 200 tons 

On terms: FOB port of Novorossiysk Russia

Payment terms: we accept covered LC - DLC, non-transferable. 

The Good is ready for shipment! 

The data is actual from August 03, 2021.