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Grain in Russia 2021

Grain in Russia 2021 

 Joint Stock Company Agricultural Export Corporation carries out constant shipments of grain through the ports of Novorossiysk and Vladivostok and the following grown agricultural products: 

- food wheat (protein from 11,50% )

- food corn (grain admixture 3% max)

- food barley (protein 11,5% )

- green and red lentils 

- food chickpeas (from 6+ mm) 

- rapeseeds (oil content 45% min)

- flax seeds (oil content 42% min)

- feed wheat (grain admixture 5% max)

- feed grain 

As well as products of processing for animal feed

- beet pulp up to 5000 tons / month 

- beet molasses up to 3000 tons / month

Our company also has two creameries for the production of rapeseed and linseed edible oil

- rapeseed oil (phosphorus from 300 ppm) 

- linseed oil 

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