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June 2022. Russia - Afghanistan. Grain.

 June 2022. Russia (Moscow) - Afghanistan (Kabul). Grain deliveries to Hairatan and Herat from Russia.

  The President of Russia approved the allocation of food grains (wheat, corn, barley and other grains) to Afghanistan as an aid in case of need. 

Milling wheat of the 4th class (indicators) of: protein 11% min, test weight 720 g/l, impurity 2% max. 

Food corn of the 2nd class (indicators) of: protein 9 - 10% min, test weight 680 g/l, impurity 2% max. 

Food barley of the 2nd class (indicators): protein 11% min, test weight 640 g/l, impurity 2% max. 

The deliveries will be distributed to Herat and Hairatan Afghanistan.

Prices of milling wheat, yellow corn and barley DAP Hairatan Afghanistan - DAP Herat Afghanistan.  

The cost of grain crops is negotiated individually with each company registered in Afghanistan

Payment terms: russian rubles (RUB / RUR).