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Lentils CFR Libya in September 2021

The international agricultural holding SEAS starts exporting green lentils to Libya in September 2021

Lentil processing: 2.200 MT / month (green). 

Machine cleaning: 99% purity. 

Packaging: in bags 

Bags: 25 and 50 kg.

100% owners of green lentils. 

Distribution by caliber (size): 6+ mm 

Production: Russian Federation. 

SGS / GAFTA inspection at each shipment. 

Prices of green lentils 6+ mm in bags on CFR port of Tripoli, Libya = $ by inquiry / MT 

Green lentils in bags CFR port of Tobruk Libya = price ....... / mt

Prices of lentil 6 mm on CFR port of Benghazi, Libya = $ ............. / MT

Minimum order quantity: 300 MT 

Payments terms: L/C, covered, non-transferable

Shipment starts from September 01, 2021.