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Milling wheat CIF Saudi Arabia prices in April 2022.

The agricultural enterprise JSC Agricultural Export Corporation offers milling wheat #3 on terms CIF ports of Saudi Arabia in April 2022. 

  Indicators of milling wheat #3

- test weight 770 g/l min 

- moisture 14% max 

- impurity 2% max 

- protein 12,5% min 

- non gmo 

Origin: Russian Federation. 

Quantity: 25,000 MT (one vessel) 

Crop: 2021 

Prices of food wheat #3 in bulk on terms CIF port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia = RUB 31.800 / RNB 2.450 by inquiry/ MT 

Prices of milling #wheat #3 in bulk on terms CIF port of Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia = RUB 33.000 / RNB 2.550 by inquiry/ MT 

Packaging: in bulk 

Packaging in bags is available. 

Payment terms: currency RNB (CNY) and RUB (RUR). 

Minimum order: 300 metric tons (available). 

Payments terms: L/C at sight, covered or by agreement. 

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