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Prices of barley grain DAP Erbil Iraq in November 2023

    The agricultural state enterprise AgriHolding SEAS offers barley grain (origin Russian Federarion) on terms DAP ERBIL IRAQ on terms in November 2023

  Indicators of barley grain: 

- moisture 13% max;

- test weight 640-660 g/l;

-  impurity 2% max;

- non gmo 

Origin: Russian Federation 

Quantity for sale: 16,000 tons 

Packaging: in bags 40 kg ( own production ) 

Prices of barley grain on DAP Erbil Hewlêr / اربيل, Iraq = $ price / tons 

Russian barley grain in big bags on terms DAP Suleimania Silêmanî / السليمانية, IRAQ = $ price / tons 

SPOT Contract / Erbil Iraq: 600 tons - special price (including customs clearance). 

Packaging: in bags 40 kg or big bags by 1 (one) tons. 

Minimum order / MOQ: 20 MT !!!

Payment terms: to be discussed with the Buyer. 

We are 100% owners and processing. 

Payment terms: only in RUB (code ICC 643)

Own warehouses in Erbil Iraq! 

Welcome to us!