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Prices of barley grain in Saudi Arabia in April 2024

     The agricultural enterprise JSC Agricultural Export Corporation offers barley feed on terms CIF ports of Saudi Ports Authority in April 2024.
    Indicators of barley feed:

- test weight 640-650 g/l min
- moisture 12% max
- impurity 2% max
- protein 11,5% min
- grain admixture 3% max
- non gmo

Quantity for sale: 163,000 MT (crop 2023)

Minimum order: 200 MT (in bulk in containers / in bags 40 kg).

Prices of barley feed on
CIF Saudi Ports Authority = USD XXX / MT or RUB XXX /MT
Russian feed barley in bulk on terms CIF port of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia = RUB XXX / MT or $ XXX / MT
Prices of barley in bulk on terms 
CIF port of Dammam, Saudi Arabia = RUB by inquiry / MT or $ by inquiry / MT

Packaging #1: in bulk
Packaging #2: in bags 50 kg.

Minimum order: 200 metric tons.

Payments terms: by agreement.

Payment terms: in RUB / TRY /

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