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Prices of milling wheat CIF Turkey in February 2023

The agricultural enterprise Agroholding SEAS along with JSC Agricultural Export Corporation offers milling wheat on terms CIF ports of Turkey in February - March 2023

   Indicators of milling wheat

- test weight: 750-770 g/l 

- moisture 13% max 

- impurity 2% max 

- protein 11% - 12,5% min 

- non gmo 

Origin: Russia 

Quantity for sale: 315,000 MT 

Crop of grain: 2022 

Prices of #milling wheat on CIF port of Mersin, Turkey = $XXX / MT 

Milling wheat in bulk on terms CIF port of Istanbul, Turkey = ${{{/MT 

Prices of milling wheat in bulk on CIF Samsun, Turkey = USD/MT 

Milling wheat in bulk on CIF port of Trabzon, Turkey = TRY..../MT 

Packaging: in bulk. 

Minimum order: 2 (two) containers. 

Payment terms: to be discussed with the Buyer

We are 100% owners of grain. 

Payment terms: in RUB / TRY / USD. 

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