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Prices of yellow corn No.2 CFR ports of Iran

The agricultural enterprise JSC Agricultural Export Corporation offers yellow corn No.2 on terms CFR ports of IRAN in September 2022

  Indicators of yellow corn No.2: 

- moisture 13% max 

- impurity 2% max 

- test weight 680-720 g/l min 

- protein 8-10% min 

- non gmo 

Origin: Russian Federation. 

Quantity: 335,000 MT (harvest 2022) 

Prices of russian yellow corn #2 in bulk on CFR port of Bandar Amirabad, Iran = IRR 14285714 /MT 

Russian yellow corn in bulk on terms CFR port of Bandar Abbas IRAN = IRR 15785714 / MT 

Prices of yellow corn #2 in bulk on terms CFR port of Bandar Anzali, IRAN = IRR 13928571 / MT 

Packaging: in bulk in containers or in bulk on vessel. 

Minimum order: 200 metric tons (available). 

New Harvest yellow corn No.#2: 2022 

Payments terms: L/C at sight, covered or by agreement. 

Payment terms (currency): in RUSSIAN RUB / TRY / IRR 

*IRR - available for payment. 

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