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April 2024. SPOT Contract. Wheat flour CFR port of Tripoli Libya.

     The agricultural recycle enterprise AgroHolding SEAS offers wheat flour on terms CIF port of Tripoli, Libya in April 2024.
   The start date for sending wheat flour to the port of Tripoli Libya is April 15, 2024.
 A contract was signed between
the Libyan company and the Russian Agroholding for the supply of flour in the amount of 5,000 tons.
   Packing: 50 kg bags.

    Indicators of wheat flour:

- color: white
- gluten 30-32%
number falling 410 sec
- protein 12% min
- grade: TOP-A
- moisture 14% max
- ash 0,55% max

Quantity: 5,000 tons

Production: 2024 (new production)

Date of production: March - April 2024.

Prices of wheat flour in bags on terms CIF port of Tripoli Libya = $ XXX by inquiry / tons

Wheat flour on terms
CIF Misurata Libya = $ XXX / tons (in bags 50 kg)

a) in bags 50 kg;
b) in big bags;

Minimum order / MOQ: 50 tons.

Payments terms: by agreement.

Payment terms (currency): in TRY (turkish lira) / CNY (chinese yuan) or by agreement.

Without GMO.

Welcome to us for production!