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SPOT Contract: Sunflower oil - September 2021 - 12.000 MT

Russian Joint-Stock Company "Agricultural Export Corporation" production and export of sunflower oil from Russia on FOB ports of Russia terms in September 2021

Own production of oil: 18.000 MT / month (in bulk). 

SPOT Contract for unrefined sunflower oil: 12.000 MT 

Indicators of sunflower oil: 


- color value: 20 mg iodine max 

- acid number: 1.5 mg Koh/g max 

- peroxide value: 7 mmol 

Russian standard = NON GMO and non additives


a) in bulk 

b) in bottles 

Prices of sunflower oil in bulk on FOB Black sea = $ by inquiry / MT 

Prices of sunflower oil in bottles on FOB (FAS) port of Novorossiysk Russia = $ by inquiry / MT 

Only SPOT-Contract for 12.000 MT. 

On terms: FOB port of Novorossiysk Russia / ports of Black sea. 

Payment terms: LC - DLC, non-transferable. 

The volumes are available from September 01, 2021.