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Wheat flour دقيق القمح on terms DAP العِرَاق اربيل

     The agricultural enterprise AgroHolding SEAS informs its customers about change in prices from May 15, 2023 of wheat flour دقيق القمح on terms DAP العِرَاق اربيل‎ with the following characteristics: 

   Indicators of wheat flour: 

- for bread 

- ash 0,55% max 

- protein 12% min 

- moisture 14% max 

- gluten 28-30% 

Quantity / production: 16,500 tons 

Production: May 2023 

Prices of wheat flour in bags 50 kg DAP Erbil اربيل‎ Iraq العِرَاق‎ = USD ..... / tons 

Russian wheat flour in big bags on terms DAP Suleimania السليمانية = USD .... / tons 

Packaging: in bags 25 kg or in bags 50 kg or big bags. 

Minimum order: 20 tons. 

Payments terms: USD / EURO / TRY / RUB / CNY. 

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